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Development history
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29 June 2001
Yantai Juli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established with registered capital of 403.2 million yuan.
October 2002
The first phase of the project started with a total investment of 850 million yuan, and started to built a set of TDI production equipment with an annual output of 20,000 tons.
October 2005
To achieve a successful trial run of chemical feeding and produce qualified TDI products.
11 March 2006
The whole process flow of TDI production equipment has been opened up, and high quality TDI products have been produced. At the beginning of the first phase of the project, in line with the principle of high starting point and high standard, the company actively adopted advanced technology and production equipment at home and abroad, carried out a series of technical transformation of the original plant, and imported key equipment from well-known foreign companies. At the same time, a TDI recovery unit was introduced from List Company in Switzerland, a dilute sulfuric acid concentration unit from QVF Company in Britain and a DCS computer control system from ABB Company in the United States. The technological and equipment level of the production equipment has reached the international advanced level.
Second half of 2009
The second phase of the project started construction in an all-round way. Focusing on the development of circular economy and energy saving and emission reduction, the project invested 1.8 billion yuan to build four projects: one is to build a TDI production plant with an annual output of 45,000 tons; the other is to build a new 100,000 tons/year nitric acid plant matched with the TDI project; the third is to introduce a set of dilute sulfuric acid concentration plant with an annual processing capacity of 87,800 tons from foreign companies; and the fourth is to introduce one. A 100,000 tons/year chlorine production unit by electrolytic oxidation of hydrochloric acid manufactured by Germany Udhe Company in accordance with the principle of high quality and high speed, the second phase of the project is strictly screened from the selection of construction team and equipment manufacturers to ensure the safety, quality and progress of the project.
August 2010
Xinjiang Heshan Juli Chemical Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 2.8 billion yuan. Xinjiang Heshan Juli Chemical Co., Ltd. has 150,000 tons/year TDI and 400,000 tons/year MDI projects, which are key chemical enterprises imported from Kuitun-Dushanzi Economic and Technological Development Zone in Xinjiang. The project is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yantai Juli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. The first phase of the 150,000 tons TDI project invested 4 billion yuan. The project started construction in 2016, and the second phase of the project invested 4.6 billion yuan to build an MDI project with an annual output of 400,000 tons. The project is planned to start construction after 2018.
In the process of project design, construction and operation, the company has always adhered to the concept of safety and environmental protection, clean production and circular development, adhered to the principle of "high starting point and high standard", adhered to the management concept of "safety first, environmental protection priority and people-oriented", and committed to the implementation of safety standardization, clean production and responsibility care relying on scientific and technological innovation and refined management. The core competitiveness of high-tech enterprises should be built into modern factories with safe and reliable production facilities, scientific and rational process allocation, world-class equipment technology level and scientific management.