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About us

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1. Enterprise Spirit
The pioneering spirit of arduous struggle, the fighting spirit of daring to fight hard, the dedication spirit of due diligence, the pragmatic and efficient professionalism, and the spirit of innovation in keeping with the times.
2. Business vision
Establish a "resource-saving, environment-friendly, intrinsically safe" green modern chemical enterprise.
3. Enterprise Mission
Leading by market demand, we offer high-quality products to customers and provide employees with good opportunities, which will benefit the employees of enterprises and bring prosperous social returns.
4. Safety Core Ideas
Safety is my first duty.
5. Management Ideas
Source management, process control
6. Talent Idea
Everyone is a talented person, horse racing is not the same.
7. Core Values of Enterprises
People-oriented, quality for survival, customer first, adhere to integrity, mutual respect and win-win. Safe development