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Xinjiang Heshan Juli Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2010, with a registered capital of 2.8 billion yuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yantai Juli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. invested in Kuitun-Dushanzi Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company is located in No. 2 Jieyundong Road, Kuitun-Dushanzi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kuidong Special Industrial Park, covering an area of 2750 mu.
The first phase of the company's 150,000 tons/year TDI and ancillary supporting projects, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan, will start construction in May 2016. It is planned to be basically completed by the end of 2018 and commissioned in 2019. The second phase of the 400,000 tons/year MDI project, with a total planned investment of 4.6 billion yuan, has been approved and prepared in the early stage. After the completion of TDI and MDI projects, the annual average operating income can reach about 7.7 billion yuan, the annual interest tax can reach 4 billion yuan, and 2,000 new jobs will be created.
TDI is toluene diisocyanate, MDI is diphenylmethane diisocyanate, which is one of the main raw materials of polyurethane in Applied Chemical industry, and is a high-end product in fine chemical industry. TDI and MDI products are widely used in the production of sponges, paints, coatings, plastic runways, thermal insulation materials, etc. They are widely used in automobiles, shoes, household appliances, construction, packaging, insulation and cooling, furniture, textiles, medicine, military, sports and other fields.
In the process of project design, construction and operation, Xinjiang Heshan Juli Chemical Co., Ltd. always adheres to the concept of safety, environmental protection, cleaner production and cyclic development. In line with the principle of "high starting point and high standard", it chooses and allocates production equipment and safety facilities with strong safety performance, high intelligent control level, high quality and reliability for production units to ensure long-term safety  and stable operation of production units.  A variety of advanced technologies were adopted to treat wastewater and waste gas and discharge them to the standard. The by-products of the plant were recycled and reused, such as TDI tar recovery, hydrochloric acid electrolysis, dilute acid concentration recovery, etc. The by-products of chemical industry produced in the production process were recycled, the production cost and transportation risk of chemical raw materials were reduced, and the amount of wastewater treatment and elimination were greatly reduced. The potential environmental pollution hazards are in line with the national industrial policies of circular economy, energy saving and emission reduction, and cleaner production.
Xinjiang Heshan Juli Chemical Co., Ltd. adheres to the management concept of "safety first, environmental protection first, people-oriented", devotes itself to promoting safety standardization, cleaner production and responsibility care, cooperating to create high-quality products, excellent services and excellent culture, establishing a long-term mechanism for safe production, and realizing intrinsic safety. Relying on scientific and technological innovation and refined management, we will continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and build a modern factory with safe and reliable production equipment, scientific and rational process configuration, world-class equipment technology level and scientific management.